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Standard Silk Pillowcase

Single Pair

Good for hair, skin and big dream energy.

Good Bits

Our high-quality silk protects your hair and skin against the friction, breakage and damage that occur with regular pillowcases.

Silk is less absorbent than other fibers, helping your hair and skin retain their natural moisture and stay hydrated, happy and healthy.

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to worry because silk is hypoallergenic, which means your allergies won’t act up.

Dream Fabric & Fit

100% Mulberry silk
6A, 22 momme

Standard 20.5” x 26.5”
Envelope closure

A sandwash finish provides a soft, matte look and feel.

OEKO-TEX certifies our silk is free of harmful chemicals, toxins and irritants, so you can rest easy.

Take Care

Machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle with like fabrics and colors.

Lay flat and air dry.

Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Turn inside out and iron or steam on low heat to keep away wrinkles and bring back the silk’s luster.

Pro Tip: Use a mesh garment bag and a PH neutral detergent for longevity.


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